19 Ocak 2011 Çarşamba

Süper bir fikir.... Gittiğiniz yerleri cam mıknatısa gecirmeye nedersiniz?????

half-marble map magnets

i am a traveling junkie, or try to be (money helps), and i love anything that has to do with traveling. i realllly love maps. i always have a few lying around the house from different cities or national parks i've been to. i ran across one that i got for free with a nat geo adventure magazine subscription, and i wanted to do something with it!

half-marble map magnets

clear glass half-marbles (i had some sitting in a vase, and took a few out!)
a map
a pencil
mod podge
small paintbrush
krazy glue or some other super strong glue (not pictured...sowwy! forgot to put it in the pile, whoops!)

(i accidentally numbered the squares wrong, sorry! 2nd mistake for this post already; what am i going to do with myself?)
*before you start, make sure your marbles are clean!*
1. pick a spot on the map that you would like to be made into your magnet.
2. trace around the marble very closely onto the map.
3 (numbered 4). cut out map piece, making sure you cut inside the line you traced. you don't want the paper overlapping the marble!
4 (numbered 3). paint the underside of the marble with a THIN layer of mod podge. lay the map piece on marble, with the back of the map facing you. more mod podge over that, and on the edges. when almost dry, press map piece down firmly onto marble (to spread glue evenly).
5. when completely dry, take magnet and on one side, apply krazy glue (or other super strong glue).
6. put marble on top of magnet (flat side facing magnet), pressing firmly. let dry (doesn't take long for krazy glue).

you're done! here are the ones i made, up close and personal:

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